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Elevate your car rental business by adopting a Turo clone app. This versatile solution caters to both end-users and your business with advanced operational features, ensuring seamless service and efficient management.

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Autviz offers an exceptional Turo clone app designed to elevate transportation startups and enterprises to the next level of success.

How Does Turo Clone Help?

The Turo clone is a pre-developed solution that enables a quick launch, making it an attractive option. Beyond the general benefits, our Turo clone is equipped with the latest technology and unique features, ensuring alignment with current car rental industry trends.

Launching an app allows you to connect with customers through an essential online platform. Experience the convenience and efficiency of managing your car rental business with our advanced Turo clone solution.

What will the Turo Clone Apps Offer?

Here are some of the key offerings of a Turo car-sharing clone app. The Turo clone empowers automation through a rider app, driver app, and admin panel.

Turo Clone Renter App

The renter app of the Turo clone app includes top-level features designed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride for your users. Key features include:

Choose Your Vehicle : Users can select their ideal car from our extensive fleet.

Emergency Contact : Users can reach out to friends or family in case of an emergency.

Rate Hosts : Users can rate hosts and share their overall ride experience on the Turo clone.


Turbo Clone Admin Panel

The admin panel in the Turo car-sharing clone app is equipped with all the necessary tools to manage a car-sharing business efficiently. Key features include:

Promo Codes and Discounts : Admins can create and manage promo codes for both passengers and drivers directly from the dashboard.

Filter Drivers and Map View : Admins can use the map view option to monitor and manage all drivers in a specific area.

Booking Calendar : This feature allows admins to oversee all bookings by date for effective fleet management.

Turo Clone Host App

The Turo car-sharing clone app offers multiple features for hosts to provide a superior ride experience for renters. Key features include:

Renter Verification : Hosts can verify renters through document checks, such as license verification, to assign unique IDs.

Track Routes : Built-in GPS and maps allow hosts to follow optimal routes and complete rides efficiently.

Payment History : Hosts can view their rental history and track all previous payments on the Turo clone app.


Features of Turo Clone App

The Turo clone app must include essential features to provide users with an impeccable travel experience while enabling the business owner to achieve a consistent revenue stream.
Emergency Contact

Riders can add emergency contacts in the app to reach them directly during emergencies.

Invoice Details

Each ride's invoice details can be accessed directly from the Turo car-sharing clone app.

In-app Chat Integration

Hosts can contact users or the support center via the chat helpline within the app.

Customer Support

Managers can use the in-built customer support to address issues or problems customers encounter in their region.

Reviews and Feedback Management

Admins can review, manage, and delete user comments and ratings as needed.

Go Idle

Drivers will automatically go offline after a warning notification if they remain idle, and can change their status later.

At Autviz our app developers are expertly trained to create market-leading clones for car sharing apps like Turo.

Why Choose Autviz For Turo Clone App Development?

At Autviz, our app developers are highly trained to provide top-notch app development services. Our expertise in creating car sharing apps like Turo helps businesses gain a competitive edge with the following benefits:

High Client Retention Rate

With an 80% client retention rate, our clients trust us and continue to seek our services for their ongoing needs.

On-Time Project Delivery

We are renowned for delivering projects on or before the deadline. Our skilled developers will create a top-tier clone app.

Constant Support and Maintenance

Autviz offers ongoing maintenance and support services even after project delivery, ensuring client satisfaction.

Personalized Clone Services

We create clone apps that perfectly mirror the original app and can be personalized according to user preferences and choices

Frequently Asked Questions

The Turo clone is a pre-developed car rental solution that, despite being pre-built, is cost-effective and allows for a quick launch. For entrepreneurs looking to launch their car rental app without the hassle of building it from scratch, the Turo clone is the ideal alternative.
The cost of a Turo clone can vary depending on several factors and the provider you choose to purchase it from. On average, you can expect the cost to range from $2,500 to $9,000. However, it may exceed this range based on your specific requirements or the provider's pricing structure.
When you purchase the Turo clone, the code isn’t encrypted, making you the sole owner of the script. Here's what you can expect.
For Website:
  1. 1. Web admin panel/landing page theme color and font changes.
  2. 2. Web admin panel/landing page favicon changes.
  3. 3. App package name/Bundle ID changes.
  4. 4. App name changes.
  5. 5. App icon changes.
  6. 6. App theme color changes.
  7. 7. Firebase Crashlytics and FCM integration.
We also offer assistance with:
  1. 1. Text changes
  2. 2. Color changes
  3. 3. Static content translation (for up to 3 languages with 2 iterations for each)
  4. 4. Answering your questions
  5. 5. Bug fixing (critical issues will have a specified timeframe for resolution, while others will be addressed in future updates)